Thursday, August 7, 2014

Jennifer Armentrout Signing & SIGNED OPPOSITION GIVEAWAY!

The Opposition signing took place at Book People in Austin, TX.  It was a blast!!

-We're getting some news about Stone Cold Touch in a week or so, but Ms. Armentrout would not elaborate further (she's such a tease)

-She is self publishing a New Adult Paranormal that is coming out (tentatively) in December.  It will be about the Fae.  The lore of the book will be fresh. As Jennifer said herself, "It's not your Mama's Fae...It has nothing to do with typical Fae Mythology.  I really stripped it down and created a whole new thing and it takes place in New Orleans."  Well I'm freaking excited now0-

-Her favorite character might be Aiden from the Covenant series.

For a more detailed account,  check out my wacky mash up of the videos I took at the signing.  And I do mean wacky.  I filmed using a combo of my iPhone and camera because batteries.  Also, iMovie decided to give me a Director credit at the end.  I laughed.  Hard.  

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