Thursday, July 31, 2014

Local Author Spotlight: Ian Loftin

Not for the faint of humor.  A book of twenty three tales of slight proportions.  Humor abounds with topics ranging from space aliens to confused detectives with mad scientists, beasties, superheros, and many more thrown in for good measure.  So if you are game for some laughter give this book a spin.  You've made worse choices.

Where to buy: Copies of Spooky Tales of the Screamy can be found at the Bossier Thrifty Peanut or you can contact the author for a copy.  If you wish to check out some of the stories you can find a copy on the Shreveport Library ebook system.  Also a few stories are on Youtube.

Author Bio: 28 years of bookworm bred obviousness has given a rather artful edge to the beloved, by mirror and animal alike, author Ian Loftin.  A current resident of Shreveport, he spends his days spreading joy to people at his day job and sleeping semi soundly at night.  Always happy for attention you can contact him at or through Facebook at Spooky Tales of the Screamy or Lawrence Ian Loftin

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