Tuesday, May 14, 2013



Seriously, this is ridiculous even for me, and while I'm delighted and thrilled at the new material I have on my bookshelf, I cannot for the life of me fathom how I got to this point. Ok, ok. Think...THINK!!!

So there was that one trip with the birthday money. Then I got really bored and decided that the only cure was more story time. And then I got a coupon from Barnes and Noble, so I HAD to use that...and then I got another coupon...and another.

Really, this is all Barnes and Noble's fault.

Ok, then after that I discovered some really funny book reviews on YouTube that were chock-full of amazing suggestions. (Did everybody else know about those? Am I really THAT old where I am now the last one to the technology party? Ugh) There was that weekend where my best friend came into town and a book run is always on the list of activities with that one.*Waves at Aubrey...finish Unbecoming girlfriend!!*

What I need now is a plan...and gratuitous amounts of caffeine...spiked with alcohol. Also my husband suggests building a book fort. That could be fun.

*Wait, What?! Most of these are the first in a series?!*



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