Saturday, August 11, 2012

Hollywood Goth

Sorry, sorry, sorry.  It has been quite some time since I have posted on my blog, but, and pardon my french, moving really is a BITCH!  If I see one more box or stray piece of packing tape, I  may scream myself into oblivion.  This post is a bit short, but I wanted to get back into the habit.

Emma Stone was recently photographed at the Spider-Man premiere wearing a wonderfully dark creation by Gucci and a deep red pout.  My tongue is wagging and I am completely green with envy.  I think I just got a girl crush.  Girl crushiness aside, I was shocked to see the equal parts awe and condemnation made by the press.  Fashion is subjective, completely relative to an individual's own personal style and taste, but the blatant jabs would have been laughable if they were not so, well, mean.  Using the term Goth as an insult.  Implying she was 'scary' (Emma Stone's Dress At The 'Spiderman' Premiere In Paris Scares Us A Little _The Huffington Post | By ).  Come on.  Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.  I get that.  I really do.  But seriously, it's just fashion for crying out loud.  The clothes you put on your back should make you feel good, and that is seriously all that matters.

Ok.  Mini rant over.

My opinion?  I would snatch this dress off Emma Stone and leave her naked in the street if I could.  I happen to love that the macabre has come out of the dark corners of the crypt and crept into the mainstream a little.  Thoughts?


  1. Yay! Someone else who uses words like macabre in everyday sentence structure! I <3 your blog already!

  2. Much obliged my dear. I'm new to the blogging world, so the support is much appreciated! Thanks!