Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Baby...It's Hot Outside!

I live in a VERY hot climate.  Like, center of the sun, will combust into flames, it never drops below 75 degrees in Winter, kind of hot.  Key West, Florida is a wonderful little island full of characters and oddities, but it does put a damper on a Goth Girl's style when you step out of the house and are immediately drenched in sweat.  What to do?  What to do?  I have seen many an article and blog post on how a Goth can survive in high temps, but here in the Keys, the difficulty is amped up a notch because the humidity is thick enough to swim in, especially in the Summer months.  Most locals wear next to nothing.  The uniform for a woman here is short-shorts and a bikini top...or pasties...not joking.  That does not gel very well with my style.  So this is an illustration of what I have come up with for our scorching hot days...this particular day, I might add, is flat calm...not a sea breeze to be had!  For such a day, layers are out, my short-shorts are black, and the bikini top is replaced with a saturated hot-pink tank.  Top it off with black platform booties, dark sunglasses and a kick-ass cross necklace, and voila, instant Island Goth!

Tank, shorts, booties from Express
Necklace from Claire's
Sunglasses from Earthbound Trading Company

So, if you are a hot weather Goth, I would love to hear the solutions you have come up with to beat the heat!

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